Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm hoping another benefit to this blog is that it can act as a memory keeper for things that may otherwise get lost. For example, I only have one Christmas card left and no thoughts on where to store it. I'm happy that these cards have made other people happy. After mailing them we've had quite a few people check in on us. Emily emailed me and I even got a call from Grace today, wondering if I was a "momma" yet. It was good to hear from her and she had lots of news to share... but I'll refrain from blabbing it here. She called our land line, which I love. She may be the only person (besides our parents) that uses that number. It makes me feel very old school to chat with a friend on a real phone in the living room.

Graham wants penne with zuchinni and bacon for dinner. It's been fun to play the dutiful wife this week and have dinner waiting on the table. I better knock it off before he gets used to it.

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