Thursday, April 15, 2010

Graham and I took a very grown-up trip to Newport, Rhode Island last weekend. I say grown-up because Maggie didn't come and people have made comments like "oooh, a real getaway" and "must have been nice to have the break." We didn't really see it that way, but – the fact that the notion of taking breaks from parent-dom is even relevant – makes me feel old. The fact that the weekend coincided with my birthday also makes me feel old.

Captions, from top-down: Rosecliff, the Tennis Hall of Fame, and Aardvark Antiques.

Newport was great. My favorite parts were the hotel (which was more like a little cottage), a place called Gary's Handy Lunch (where we ate three times), and playing slots on Sunday afternoon (where my $20 lasted 2 hours).

It's unclear if Maggie was happy to see us when we got home. Her new thing is to say "no!" to absolutely everything, including hugs and kisses. Most often her "no's" actually mean "yes" but she hasn't mastered the difference. So, for now, our days are constant "no's". On one hand this is charming but, on the other, it's exhausting! A "yes" here and there would be so refreshing...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can you believe we forgot charge the camera battery for Easter? She looked so darn cute in her Easter dress, too.

No photos but a few videos, instead. (The yogurt video is a repeat from Graham's Twitter but it cracks me up.)