Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm going to try something new in this post. Consider it a run-on sentence with pictures. There have been so many times over the last month where I thought "I need this on the blog!" but could not quite pull it off. This is, in a way, an effort to clear my head of would-be posts and finally get this stuff on record.

So these are from a few months ago but they remain the best photos I have of Maggie's Easter dress. Graham picked it out (all by himself!) and I am absolutely enamored with it. I think she is too...

For actual Easter we, of course, dyed eggs. These photos crack me up because they capture how dead serious she took this activity. Lining the eggs in a perfect row was her idea, naturally, and the whole process was highly systematic.

Easter also included more window clings and lots of careful letter arranging.

Of all the photos taken over the last month or so, this next one is by far my favorite. I think she was probably watching Oswald here (a cartoon about an octopus whose best friends are a dog, a penguin, and a flower) but what I adore is how totally loving life and at ease she was at this moment. Hair in pony-tails, propped on the elbows, and swinging that foot like a teenager at a slumber party. (And don't call them pig-tails or she will vehemently correct you.)

And, last but not least, footage of this excellent jam she wrote on the ride home from Uncle Tay and Aunt Katie's one night.