Friday, December 26, 2008

Sigh... a stack of birth announcements, awaiting completion. I know I shouldn't be as frustrated as I am, because I've only just passed the due date. I guess I really believed she would be arriving sooner. Not to mention the hours of contractions on Wednesday and how exciting that was, believing that her arrival was moments away.

Oh well. Let's talk about other things.

I picked up an economy pack of blank cards and designed this exterior for the birth announcement. The flowers and leaves and birds were drawn on paper (inspired by some patterns from Paper-Source). I then scanned the drawing, added the text in Illustator, and compiled everything in Photoshop. The cards printed reasonably well on our little HP. The original intention was to cut a circle in the space that I've framed, so that her photo can be affixed to the inside - creating a windowed effect. I was frustrated to learn that the circle cutter I purchased only allows me to cut a tiny distance away from the paper's edge. (Who designs these things???) My solution will be to cut her actual photo into the circular shape and affix to the exterior. Not ideal but it gets the job done. I hope our friends and family enjoy them. I enjoyed making them.

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