Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Graham bought the most fantastic little Flip Video camera today. It's tiny and only has about 5 buttons on it and I am in love with its simplicity. Despite how ridiculously easy it is to use, you can hear in the video how technologically impaired I am. Also, please excuse the creepy background music (Graham's video game).

We promise better videos in the future. This is the trial run.


  1. can i be your friend on youtube so i can watch the preciousness?

  2. Trying to fix it now... didn't realize that not making the videos public would create problems. Stay tuned. (And glad you're reading the blog. Yay!)

  3. btw, the Flip is awesome. I got Jess one for Christmas and we've been taking a lot of videos of our new puppy. Jess thinks Maggie takes after Graham. I only see a baby.