Friday, January 16, 2009

Grandma Susie inspired me to make a mobile to hang over Maggie's bassinet using the picture mobile she gifted at the baby shower. She had made these adorable cards with shapes and animals to clip into place but unfortunately they are a bit heavy for the mobile to support. I decided to give it another go and made some geometric patterns in Illustrator that I printed on glossy photo paper so they might pick up a little light as they spin. Each pattern has a positive and reverse version and I made use of the circle cutter (that I complained about earlier) and cut them into sets that would be placed back to back. All that was left was clipping them into place and suspending it from the ceiling with a little dental floss. This was such an easy project and now Maggie has something to gaze at as she drifts off to sleep.

If anyone is interested in a mobile, drop me a line. I saved the patterns on my computer and could whip up another in no time.


  1. Would it be poissible to have the circles vary in size? I realize that this would take some balancing during installation, but I think it could make for a more interesting composition.

  2. Sure... if you want to cut the circles?

  3. No really. I'd rather you cut the circles, you do an amazing job of cutting circles, and who am I to deny you your calling.