Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maggie had a bath today in honor of our new President. This photo accurately captures her post-bath hair, which takes on a natural mohawk. Despite my efforts, there's nothing I can do to tame it.

We've been watching Inauguration coverage all day and it's put me in a great mood. I just love watching this young, vibrant family as they wander through all the formalities. Sasha and Malia are such beautiful girls and seeing their excitement and how they carry themselves makes me even more appreciative to have a daughter. Watching her grow up will be such a blessing.

As a side note, Sasha's color combination of pink and orange was fantastic. So youthful and refreshing for winter. I'll have to remember that for future sewing projects.

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  1. Meghan is blind to the truth, but I believe in profile Maggie has somewhat of a Brian Bozworth look going. Slight mullet with a sweet mohawk on the top.


    Check the link.