Monday, January 12, 2009

Today is our first day home alone and we started off with a bang by going to her pediatrician's appointment. Thankfully, my mom tagged along because it turned out to be an adventure. Our first misstep occurred when I was undressing Maggie to be weighed. As soon as her diaper came off, the pee began. Not just a little bit, either. She soaked the entire exam table and there was nothing I could do but watch and hope for it to end. Then after the weigh in I was instructed to put on a new diaper. Wouldn't you know it... rookie mom had a brand new diaper bag filled with baby junk but not a single diaper to be had. That was a bit embarrassing to confess to the nurse, but she took pity on me and found a diaper in the depths of their storage closet. This was followed by the PKU test where they pricked her little heel to collect blood samples. Maggie handled it well with a reasonable amount of tears but rookie mom somehow ended up with blood stains all across her white cotton shirt. I was a mess all around.

Leaving the office, my mom decided to treat me to a Happy Meal at McDonald's. How pathetic!

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