Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maggie and I took a little outing into the city today. We visited my office so my co-workers could meet her and they could talk to me about the projects that they need me for. It really sunk in how soon my maternity leave will be over and how much we have to figure out before we're ready to be apart.

The biggest thing is the breast feeding. Over the weekend we did a trial run with pumped milk and a bottle (hence the pic). She did great and had no hesitation drinking from it but I couldn't believe how much she sucked down. 4 ounces! That may not seem like much but that scares the crap out of me when it comes to pumping. That's a whole lot of milk to express and store on top of our regular feedings. I know that formula is an option (and I'm not opposed to it) but I would really like it if we could make things work with breast milk.

I'd also really like to nail down an eating and sleeping schedule. We've just been flying by the seat of our pants for the past month but I know that some order is called for. Especially when we start dropping her off with my mom for the day.

Kathy? Kim? Sarah? Help!


  1. Schedules are tough to get on but once you do you will be so glad!! All 3 of my kids were on schedules around 2 months - Hailey was a 4 hr eater consistently (7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am, 7am) - the boys were 3 hours except by 10.5 weeks I fed them at 11pm and they went to 6 or 7am. I would suggest watching her for a few days and seeing if there is any pattern/routine she has and then trying to follow it or one you make for about a week .... once I started a routine I did everything I could to keep to it for that first week or so :) Hope that helps!!
    Kim :)

  2. Thanks Kim! What about daytime sleep? Were they able to nap at consistent times this soon? Or did they just nod off as they needed to?

  3. I tend to just nod off as I need to. That's why I wear sunglasses while at my desk.

  4. I'm glad that Kim was able to give you good advice. I really fell short of having a schedule, but we did keep a routine. I can say that they fall into one rather quickly as long as you are consistent. Evey really had a routine made for her by the other kids, and she was happy to sleep, after dropping them off for school, and then after I picked them up.

  5. All 3 had a more patterned sleep schedule around 3 months - before then it was more here and there. Usually they took 3 good naps and then catnaps here and there. I know they were into good nap routines by the end of 3 months. Consistency is definitely the key - it may be tough in the beg but you will be soooo happy once she gets in a good routine :)

  6. Mom & Dad just left so I'm only responding now. Kim and Sarah offered great advice. After you see what the baby is naturally doing and you match that up with the schedule you want, you can just kind of push a little for it each day. At first, it's very frustrating but after awhile you realize you are there. I also completely agree that consistency is everything in a routine. I think it gave both my girls a sense of what to expect - even as they got older - and made things more peaceful for me.

    And, yes, I took a look at how much milk I'd have to pump and was pretty scared off by that too.

    Let me know how it goes. I know you and Maggie will find what works best for the two of you!