Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Over the weekend we attended a craft fair and tractor pull at the local county fair. The tractor pull was a first for Maggie and a first for me. We only stayed for the "antique" portion and I loved watching these beautiful, old machines. I can't say that the weight and distance that they pulled was terribly interesting, but it was still a great way to break out of our normal routine. Maggie was surprisingly tolerant of the dust and noise and heat... and even my persistent sunscreen applications.

Much is happening this week. The biggest of all is the arrival of our new niece, Lucia Alison. She was born last night around 11pm and my sister described her as peaceful and beautiful. We saw a few pictures through email and we now know the latter to be true. We're so excited to have this new addition to the family!

Also this week, our good friend Susan is staying with us to take care of Maggie while I head to work. My parents had a few too many grandchildren on their hands this week so Susan took a train down from New York to help out. It's so nice to see her and I'm so glad she has a chance to meet and spend time with Maggie. I have no idea how we'll ever return this favor!

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  1. I think that I'll try to put some pressure on Meghan, but there are some sweet action shots of the of the tractors pulling the sleds, and even a couple quick little movies of the races. It's interesting to see a 75 year old tractor throwing dirt, and doing a wheelie. If you want to see some of this sweet action let Meghan know.