Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We recently started reading Miffy books to Maggie and it's amazing the response she has to this colorful little bunny. With other board books her attention is hit or miss and her interest is difficult to gauge. With Miffy, on the other hand, she smiles so wide with every turn of the page and can't take her eyes off of Miffy's adventures. We've definitely found a favorite.


  1. I can assure you that Maggie's excitement is completely warrented. These books are exciting!

  2. The days when Meghan is at work are the worst. I insticntively check Maggiesville to see if I have missed anything exciting knowing that Meghan is not with Maggie and the only thing I can hope for are some comments. Good thing I have had my weekends free of commitments outside of home, I'm able to spend all the time I want holding, watching, and talking to Maggie. I feel I am truly blessed.

  3. You are one lucky guy. Appreciate your time with Maggie. I am envious.