Thursday, May 14, 2009

Before and After.

My mom left for California last week and - lucky for us - we have some special people helping out. Kim watched Maggie on Tuesday and somehow managed to stay sane with four children on her hands. (Not that I'm surprised.) I wish I was there to watch her cousins interact with her. From what Kim tells me, Josh had Maggie in stitches.

Then yesterday Grandma Susie arrived from Kansas City to lend a hand through next Wednesday. We are so grateful to have her here and so happy to see her spend time with her granddaughter. She took these photos, today, capturing Maggie's array of facial expressions. The best surprise for us was pulling up to the house after work and seeing Maggie and Susan sitting in the grass, awaiting our arrival. They looked so sweet together with spring flowers in full bloom behind them. I'll be sure to preserve that memory.

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  1. So I finally just caught up on all the posts! Too cute! Yes we had a fun day with Maggie and are looking forward to next Thurs too :) I did stay sane but I have to say I was EXHAUSTED - not from Maggie, she was so good ... just logistics with 4 ... making sure Kyle wasn't tackeling or kissing on Maggie :-)
    Have fun with Gramma Susie!