Thursday, May 7, 2009

This marks our 100th post on Maggiesville! I think this calls for a celebration... or at least a party hat.

Thank you to all that have visited and for letting us share. I'm always surprised when I hear that people have stopped by this little space and flattered to know that they enjoy coming back. Writing and documenting our experiences has helped us savor every day with Maggie and I'm delighted that others can take part in our joy. I'm also so pleased if this blog has allowed us to expand our circle. Visitors started with Graham, then family, friends, and I think even friends of friends. If we have not met, know that you're welcome and please feel free to introduce yourself.

All of that said, we'd love some feedback. What would you like to see more of? Which posts are a snooze? Is there anything you'd like to hear about? Comments or emails ( are welcome.


  1. More of Everything!

    I mostly read this through google reader, and rarely post comments, but check constantly. It is wonderful getting to keep up with you like this, though it is a bit one sided. perhaps it is time to respond witha blog about my neglected imaginary baby.

  2. I check on Meggie and patents everyday. I love the blog and pictures it is hard to believe it is your 100th post and Meggie is 4 mos. old. Looking forward to a lot more and seeing you this summer in K.C. Meggie tell your Mother, Happy Mothers Day this Sunday.

  3. Is this the same baby? I guess all you have to do is add a little sunlight and some room to move and start growing pretty quickly.