Friday, August 14, 2009

I feel terrible.

Since our return from Kansas City Maggie has been all out of sorts; fussy, no appetite, and hardly sleeping. I kept shrugging it off and insisting that she was just out of whack from travel but then my parents called me at work today to tell me that she's covered – head to toe – in little red spots. They told me about something called roseola which is a virus, usually accompanied by a fever, that's followed by a rash just as the fever breaks. Sure enough, all of the symptoms fit and it appears that she experienced a mild case.

Poor baby. She's been sick for a week and I've been this insensitive mom, attempting to give marching orders on eating and sleeping. My only insight was thinking that she felt warm but when her temperature didn't show a fever, I let it go. Now I just feel guilty.

P.S. This photo is not from this week. I just felt we needed an angry baby pic.


  1. Meghan, Darby once had hand, foot, and mouth. That was diagnosed by his teacher, after he had spread it to the whole class. I thought he was teething.

  2. Oddly enough, whatever Maggie had last week I have now caught. I am pretty much having the same syptoms, except for maybe the rash. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so hopefully they can give me soemthing to help.