Monday, September 21, 2009

Graham thought I should give a run-down of Maggie's recent developments, so here are the highlights in no particular order:

1. After several months of soldier crawling, she has finally popped up on all fours and is cruising around the house like a champ.

2. Not only does the crawling suddenly come with ease but so does standing. She regularly finds a table edge or arm or railing to hoist herself up and check out the view. She'll stand comfortably – supporting herself with her hands – until she gets bored and struggles to find her way back to the ground. Every so often she'll just let go and... ker-plunk.

3. More and more solid foods are making their way into her diet but I wouldn't call her a "hearty" eater. She's not necessarily picky about foods but just not all that excited about them. She usually complies and accepts that it's something that she has to do but rarely does she eat with fervor... unless we're talking about pickles... that's a different story.

4. She has not granted us another mimic since that lovely, first "da-da". It seems that was a freak occurrence. She does, however, constantly run around saying "mum mum ma ma mum mum" but there's no indication that she knows what those words mean (or the effect they have on my heart strings).

5. Sleeping? Let's not talk about it. (In short, still waiting to experience a beautiful, silent night.)

Well, I think that covers it. Please let me know what I've forgotten.

P.S. Yes, she's wearing a basket.

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