Friday, November 27, 2009

One of my goals for the long weekend was to spend time in the sewing room and I was able to steal a couple hours this morning to make this little top.

Deconstructing old clothes is such a great way to make things for Maggie with little effort. This project started with a button-down shirt that I loved but had to stop wearing after I wore a hole into the elbow. All of the ruffle detail was already done for me. I just had to reduce the size of the collar, trim down the width, and sew a hem to cut this down to size. The only extra step was to repurpose the ruffled cuffs by converting them into capped sleeves.

I did forget one very important step: taking Maggie's measurements! You can see how the buttons are pulling across her tummy in the photo. (Darn!) Looks like her cousin, Lucy, is getting a new shirt for Christmas. Kathy, expect this in the mail soon.

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