Sunday, December 20, 2009

Graham and Maggie have left for Kansas City and I've found myself all alone in this great big house. Whoa is me...

Truly, no idea what to do with myself until I catch my own flight, three days from now. To start, I vacuumed the stairs and salted the front walk. Likely you've heard (or know first-hand) that our area got hit with an incredible snow. Our table outside has collected at least two feet and looking out back all you see are blankets of pristine snow. When I woke this morning, I looked out front and wondered what was making those rolling hills across the parking lot? Oh... there are cars beneath. Right.

I am kicking myself for not downloading photos of our adventures in the snow before Graham left with the camera. For now, all I have is an old one (that I love) taken by Grandma Susie. Isn't she sweet?

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