Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry-belated Christmas! We are home from Kansas City and sorting through photos. These are a few I plucked from the pile that hopefully capture our festivities in Kansas City. Sadly, the big family party was cancelled due to some wild snow conditions but we did get to have our own mini party and visits with those nearby.

Despite the looks of it, the week wasn't all fun and games; Katie and baby-to-be were dehydrated and spent the night in the hospital, Maggie was battling an ear infection, I had a stomach bug, and Graham and Taylor came down with their own divergent ailments. Thanks to the snow swirling outside and the icy roads, I didn't feel so bad about taking big naps each day with Maggie and Graham.

I do think, though, that Maggie gave me a Christmas present on Christmas night when I was putting her to bed. Our day was a bit hectic, Maggie was cranky, I was strung out and tired but somehow when I brought her into bed, the most perfect comfort and peace came over both of us. The room was dark and quiet and we both watched the snow flurries outside our window highlighted by the street lights. Maggie smiled a deeply happy smile and I sang the few songs I always do. After a few tickles from me and few quiet babbles from her she decided to pull me in for a the most lovely hug and kiss before drifting into sleep. I am quite certain that it was her way of saying "I love you, mom."

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