Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I wish I could say I share Maggie's high spirits. This is Day 5 of being stuck in the house, spending the day in pajamas, and eating terrible food. The snow just keeps coming and today's conditions may be some of our worst yet.

We've been spending most of our time in the office, trying to stay on top of work, while Maggie attempts to keep herself occupied. This has taken the form of moving crayons from room to room, trying to stick her feet in whatever shoes she can find, and "gently" petting the cats.

Poor girl. Graham is trying to put her down for her morning nap (after I have failed twice) but her lack of activity has left her feisty and in that weird state of over-tired yet wide awake.

I may just give up on work today and let loose with this baby. We both need a diversion... any indoor ideas for us?


  1. It could even be used as an opportunity to teach Maggie about hard work paying off.

  2. A shaving cream bath is always good fun. It keeps my girls in one place, the tub for around 40 min. It requires that you have a second bath to wash all the cream away but well worth all the beards, cakes, and monsters that are made.