Monday, May 31, 2010

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Ours was a full one and we started it off with a day trip to Millwood which made an earlier appearance on the blog.

This visit was under much different circumstances and was a memorial service for Roger who sadly passed away a few months ago. It was such a beautiful way to celebrate his life with many many people gathering on the land and enjoying the sun and the creek and the company.

Maggie enjoyed the great big lawn and really really wanted to hop off that bridge into the creek. It wasn't in the cards for her that day but we made up for it, today, with our first trip down to Solomon's for the summer season. She spent hours splashing in a kiddie pool followed by a dip in the creek with Pop Pop and dad.

So glad to welcome summer.

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  1. I love the light on the water and trees and grass in these photos!