Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I know I usually post with a pic, but I'm reaching out to readers to see if anyone has experience with "night terrors".

For the past week or so Maggie has been waking up every night around 1am in absolute, inconsolable hysterics. Graham and I have both tried to calm her but many times it's seemed like she is still in the midst of a bad dream and she will aggressively resist the slightest touch. If we hold her, she will squirm and not necessarily wake up. If we leave her be, she will just stand in her crib and cry terribly. She has even pointed at the door and repeated "eyes, eyes" and "mouth" and I hate to imagine what the poor thing is dreaming about.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is it something she will out grow? Has anyone found a way to help their kiddo through it?


  1. Darby had night terrors for a while. Hopefully Sarah and Travis can give you some helpful information about their experience.

  2. Had dinner with a friend last night whos granddaughter has night terrors,started a few weeks ago. Granddaughter (age 2 years) was taken to ER - Dr. said she would grow out of it but it could take sometime. Dr's said - do not touch her and to turn the lights on and off slowly a few times and talk to her commonly. Turning the lights on & off will bring the child up to the next level of sleep. Hope this helps

  3. Oh poor Maggie!! Kyle went through this same thing - a few times it seriously scared us bc we couldn't wake him. He looked awake but would just sit there crying hysterically. Finally I would put on the light and hold him and then bring him out of the room and down to the kitchen. Usually after I gave him something to drink he would 'snap' out of it.
    All kids are different in how they respond so try a few things and know they all will outgrow it :-)

  4. Thank you for all the great feedback online and off-line. Feeling a lot more at ease hearing about others' experiences. Will keep you posted!