Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today was a beach house clean-up day and Graham found Maggie a turtle. To prove it, he was forever Sharpie'd with her name before being released back in to the wild. (Is that wrong?)


  1. We use to put a big red dot on their backs with nail polish. Grandma Dot would later tell us if she spotted it from her deck later in the year.
    Love the picture.

  2. Meghan failed to mention that after stopping to pick the turtle up I placed him on the floor in front of the passenger seat and that he became extremely "agressive" and tried to climb her legs. The five minutes that the Turtle was climbing around in the car were insane and incredibly raucous but fun. Maggie the Turtle and I enjoyed it lots.

  3. you put grafitti on one of mother nature's creatures?! what if that turtle's mom came and wrote biatch across maggies forehead!? oh my....


  4. Ryan-
    Are you implying that the turtles name is "biatch?"