Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This picture makes me laugh because it's a very accurate snapshot of trying to coordinate 11 adults and 7 children as we maneuvered through Busch Gardens. Super crazy but also super fun. I'm sorry that I don't have more photos than this but you kinda forget about your camera in these situations.

The California crew has departed and the Spanish crew is on an American road trip. Life is slowly getting back to normal.

Actually, Maggie has had an emotional meltdown everyday since her 6 cousins have disappeared. I think she's missing them. In fact, I know she is. She randomly calls out their names and asks for them. (Where Lucy? Bella?) When I got home from work today she seemed bored out of her mind, collapsing onto furniture, rolling her eyes around, and spouting out exasperated gibberish. She then bit the crap out of my finger when we were brushing her teeth before bed. (Frustration? Anger? Utter boredom?) This was followed by an angry momma, a cranky baby, and an expedited bedtime routine before things could get further out of hand.

Poor kid.

She really thrives on interaction with other kids and she's just not getting it on a regular basis. She spends entirely too much time with grown-ups and I think we need to get serious about finding a play group. Any ideas on where to start?


  1. If there is a Parents Day Out program anywhere near you it might be a good solution. I used it for Sarah, Taylor and Graham and it filled the need for socialization, but was low key. In our area those programs are run by churches, and in most instances are not religious programs, but community service. The Hattaways have been in the program at Second Pres and Sarah is now on the board.

  2. We have not been able to find any Parents Day Out program, but Meghan and I both joined a group on a website called Meetup. The group seems to have events taking place multiple times each week, and Maggie and I will be attending our first one on Tuesday the 24th, I believe its a trip to a Science Museum in Baltimore. I think it will be a good experience for all of us.

  3. Really, this is just awesome for me to read. Bella adored playing with Maggie. Have you seen that commercial about teaching your baby to read? I think that Bella found a willing candidate in Maggie and was going to see if you really can teach your baby to read.

    As for Lucy, well. I'm hoping that by the time they see each other again, Lucy will have learned that tackling is NOT an effective way to make friends.