Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Over the weekend our friends Brent and Kellee joined us for Maggie's first camping trip. (And my first in about 10 years.) I forgot how much I love setting up in the woods, cooking camp food, and having several days dependent upon the success of your camp fire.

That fire was especially crucial because it got cold. (40 degrees overnight.) Maggie was our saving grace because her little body is like a living furnace when she sleeps. She went to bed each night fairly early and by the time we crawled under the covers with her, she had toasted them to perfection.

She handled all three days and two nights with gusto, and really seemed to enjoy trekking through the woods and making herself at home on the campsite.

Pictures from top to bottom:

1. Settling in to our new digs
2. Dinner
3. Graham and Brent being dudes
4. The banks of the Potomac
5. Waving for a self-timed pic
6. Breakfast
7. Drinking chocolate milk, pondering life

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  1. Meghan failed to mention another of the highlights from the camping trip.

    Saturday was my 30th birthday, and everyone who was camping forgot. I only remembered after I received a voice mail from my parents singing “Happy Birthday.” thus I promptly gave everyone a guilt trip, and Meghan decided that she could make my day by convincing Maggie to say “Happy Birthday” to me. Maggie of course would not obliged.
    About six hours later while run around the dinner table trying to get everything ready I felt a tug on my pants and Maggie was trying to tell me something. I could hardly hear her, so I asked her to repeat it, again it was too faint so she had to repeat once more. She was wishing me a happy birthday! It was great, I couldn’t have asked for anything more grand!
    I am continually blessed with Happy Days every day that I get to spend with our little Maggie, and I couldn’t ask for better little girl or a better 30th birthday.