Friday, December 19, 2008

I figure Maggie will need proof that she was in my tummy at one point in her life. This is me at 39 weeks, patiently waiting her arrival. I have gained 25 pounds over the course of the pregnancy and feel pretty good about that. It's hard to imagine a full grown baby nestled inside that small space.

I have had a pretty good week, finishing off work obligations from home. It's been quite luxurious to go to lunch with my mom and take outings to the post office in the middle of the day. Today was particularly nice because I had a sweet chat with Nick Seay over IM. He's the best.

Nick: how are you feeling?
Meghan: hi nick
Meghan: feeling tired
Meghan: but otherwise ok
Nick: I liked you Xmas card
Meghan: oh thanks
Nick: Hold on until the 27th at 10 am. I've got money on you!
Meghan: haha
Meghan: thats way too far away
Nick: Thank you for all you have done this year, you are an asset to BSI. If I don't see you until after your blessed event, have a
peaceful Christmas!
Meghan: thanks Nick! Working for you and BevSeay is a great joy for me... I always tell people how lucky I am to have stumbled into it.
Nick: We are the lucky ones.
Meghan: thats really nice to hear. thanks

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