Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm not sure why I was acting like such a scrooge but we almost didn't decorate for Christmas this year. I'm glad I was talked out of that. Our holiday decor is not terribly impressive but it is nice to see little bits of cheer. My mom also reminded me that we may have quite a few visitors this season, dropping in to meet the baby. I'm happy they'll get a reasonably festive reception.

We still haven't quite gotten to the wreath. It's been sitting in the trunk of car and I'm afraid to check in on it. Thankfully, the weather has been cold so maybe it's been somewhat refrigerated? We can't find the pretty lemons that we wove into last year's wreath so we'll have to come up with something new and clever. Maybe I'll get to surprise Graham next week when he comes home from the office.

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