Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions About Maggie

Q: Is she sleeping through the night?
A: No. She usually wakes up two or three times to nurse but she always falls right back to sleep.

Q: Are you exhausted?
A: Not really. And on the days that I am there are lots of opportunities to steal a nap. I just have to sleep when she sleeps.

Q: Where does she sleep?
A: Mostly in a bassinet in our bedroom but sometimes we can't resist bringing her into bed with us. (And, yes, we're aware that some won't approve of that.)

Q: How is the breastfeeding going now?
A: It's going great, although I cheat a little by using a nipple shield. At some point I'll probably give that up but for now it's super comfortable and Maggie seems to like it, too.

Q: Has she smiled yet?
A: Sometimes she smiles in her sleep which is the cutest thing on earth. We've also caught her smiling here and there at one of us but so far these seem like freak accidents. I can't wait for her to smile regularly.

Q: Does she cry often?
A: No! And we are so grateful for that. Most evenings she does go through a little fussy spell but it doesn't bother me too much because I think she sleeps better afterward.

Q: Does she do anything unusual?
A: Since we brought her home she's been able to roll onto her side. Most people don't believe that but someday we'll catch video of her arching her back and slowly maneuvering over. She has not figured out how to return to her back.

Q: When do you go back to work?
A: In late February I will go back three days a week. On those days, Maggie will stay with my mom at her house. We couldn't be more grateful for that.

Let me know if I've missed anything!

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  1. I believe that John and Susan can verify that all of the above is true. Ask 'em. They'll let you know.