Friday, February 6, 2009

The rag doll is complete! I was digging through my box of fabrics and when I came across my grandmother's collection of handkerchiefs I quickly realized that they had just the right look I was going for with just the right amount of fabric. I settled on a simple green one with her name embroidered in the corner, folded it in half, and wrapped it around the doll. She needed a top, so I cut some panels from some spare yellow fabric and stitched up the sleeveless jacket. After tying on the belt and painting on the face with fabric markers, she's ready for the world.

For obvious reasons, her name is Mildred.


  1. Is the rag doll a gift for Maggie, or are you keeping it yourself? I would hope that Maggie gets to play with it, if not maybe you could make one for her.

  2. I'll consider letting her play with it. Although she should probably keep it out of her mouth... who knows what lives in the raw wool that it was stuffed with.