Sunday, February 8, 2009

The weather was beautiful today. Almost 70 degrees and bright and sunny. We decided to give Maggie some fresh air and walked up to the little playground in our development to swing for a bit and walk the grounds with her. It was hard to gauge her reaction to it. She didn't quite smile but she certainly wasn't unhappy. Mostly I think she was trying to deal with the sun in her eyes.

When we first bought our little place in the burbs, we viewed it as temporary. A less than ideal place to live until we could afford the city. Those plans were shelved when the housing market went south but neither of us really regret that, now. Staying put gave us the physical space and financial freedom to start thinking about a family. Now that Maggie's here, I still daydream about impromptu visits to museums and I definitely pine for good restaurants but our place has its perks, too. This playground is an example of that. It's wonderful to have such a peaceful space just steps from our front door. 

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  1. Cute video guys! FYI - babies don't see in color until around 4 months so don't get discouraged if she doesn't totally respond right away :) By the time she is 4 months she will see all the fun colors/objects you put together for her :)