Thursday, February 26, 2009

We finally caught a few smiles from Maggie on camera. Isn't she cute?

Today was a big day... my first full day in the office while Maggie stayed with my mom. I couldn't help myself from shedding a few tears as I said goodbye. I know that's sappy but I guess it just felt so strange with us parting ways. We've never spent more than hour apart before today!

Once I was at my desk, I started to feel better about the day. It might sound strange but I really do love being in the office. I have great co-workers and I'm proud of the work we do. Graham and I also met up for lunch which was fun (although a bit strange to be together without Maggie). Throughout the day I started to get a sense of how Graham must feel all week... you can't help but miss her.

As far as the breast feeding goes, it was wonderful to nurse after being separated all day. Maybe that's all I needed? A quick break to remind me how precious this time is.


  1. Maggie, you are so darling. I love the video your mom and dad made. I'll smile all day thinking about your smiles. You look so much like your dad, I feel as though I am watching a video of him as a baby. He was cute, too!!
    Love, Grandma Susie

  2. I'm still cute! Maggie and I have a fun filled weekend planned of sitting around, playing video games, and trying to catch up on as much sleep from a hectic past week as possible. I think we're also going to spend some time in DC going to book club, Maggie is a very well read baby.