Monday, March 16, 2009

Now that the market is down, my parents have been talking about buying an investment property that they could potentially rent until home values start heading back up. On top of their scheme, Graham and I have always had dreams of working on a fixer upper as our own investment. I started wondering if our projects could collide and we could go in on something together. (They could give us a boost with financing and we could give them a boost with labor.)

Today, I found an excellent candidate in Bowie and strapped Maggie into the Baby Bjorn for a tour. The realtor was squeamish as he showed us around (stained carpet, doors falling off hinges, broken mirrors, and a frightening bathroom) but I was elated. The house has so much potential! There are fantastic vaulted ceilings, great windows, and an amazing yard. With a few tweaks to the layout and some polishing, I really believe it could be a lovely little home.

We have a ton of research to do before making this a reality, but I'm super excited about the prospect. Hopefully my parents share the enthusiasm!


  1. How funny! Today I took Kyle and we went and looked at 5 new homes for us!!! The one I loved online the other day that was under contract fell through earlier and Kyle and I are headed back out tomorrow to see it! Kyle and Maggie could 'share' their experiences in babble :)

  2. Yikes. We just finished our renovation, and it was roughly 400% more work than either of us expected. It basically ate up all our free time for a year. Proceed with extreme caution.