Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our pediatrician recommended a book called Touchpoints that details a child's development from birth to 3 years. At Maggie's age (2-3 months) the book explains how a baby will begin to distinguish between her mother and father. It was funny how on target the book's description was with what we've seen. When she's with me, her movements are smooth and fluid and her "coos" and smiles are fairly calm and controlled. When Graham comes around, she's totally ready to play. The arms are completely erratic and the squeals and smiles have so much expression. This photo captures some of that energy that she shares with dad.


  1. This picture is really Daddy Graham with Baby Graham! It's amazing to see the resemblance of Maggie to Graham when he was a baby. But it appears that Maggie may keep her blue eyes.
    Meghan, love the description of Maggie's interaction with the two of you.
    Wish I could be there..............
    Love, Grandma Susie

  2. Sunday's are definitely the best family day. Maggie tends to be pretty well rested, and wants to share all of her observations with the world. Yesterday she would not stop talking. I tried to get some video of it, hopefully Meghan can post it. She really is all that we could have asked for in a baby.