Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So much is happening with this little girl, right now. It's amazing. I didn't realize that 6 months was such a critical time but suddenly she's hitting several milestones at once. Here in this photo you can see that she's able to hold herself on all fours and we're certain that she's just on the cusp of crawling. Last week she was soldier crawling on her belly (generally backwards) but this week she's lifting herself off the ground with ease and I think it will be just a short time before she's putting it all in motion.

Last week is also when we started to hear more carefully crafted little noises. Her high-pitched "ahhhhhhs" and uhhhhhs" are starting to sound more like soft and low "da-ah-ba-du-uhs". It's not a regular occurrence yet, but several times we've heard things that have stopped us in our tracks.

It melts my heart to watch her discover her voice and find ability in her movements. Every so often she'll lift herself off the ground and look us straight in the eyes with a wide smile almost as if to say, "look guys! Look what I can do!" That combined with her two little teeth poking out of the bottom row are just too much for words.

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  1. I love to read about Maggie's progress and your parent reactions and am looking forward to seeing Maggie's new accomplishments in person.