Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This was taken on Sunday as Maggie cozied up with Pop Pop. She didn't hold this position for long but I love when I can see glimpses of an older girl. It will be such a treat when she'll be able to throw an arm around someone or hold a hand.

We had a really pleasant day. The weather was great and Jen joined Maggie and I at the baby pool which was fairly crowded with lots of little ones. For some reason, I tend to feel out of place when I'm around so many "mommies". Like they're all "real" moms and I'm just someone pretending to be. (I realize this makes no sense.) Today was a little different, though, and chatting with some of the women around us I finally had a small sense of belonging and a realization that they're just regular people, like me.

I'm not sure what it was, but even after the pool the world was smiling on us. At the grocery store a random person stopped to chat and at the deli counter our sandwich was free because the women working there thought Maggie was cute. Such a funny day.

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