Sunday, June 21, 2009

We have a bad habit of filling our weekends with errands and chores, but this weekend was all play for once. Saturday we went to the Baltimore Aquarium with Jen and Joe, thinking that Maggie would love to gaze into those massive tanks and watch the colors and shapes float by. She seemed pretty content as Graham walked her around in the Baby Bjorn, mesmerized by the fish and people and sounds of other kids and babies. The highlight, for me, was when Maggie handed our tickets to the ticket-taker and he handed them right back to her. It was like she had done it a hundred times!

Today we spent father's day with my parents and brother, playing tennis and lounging around the baby pool. We also had a really good steak dinner with gooey brownies for dessert.

I hope Graham had a good first father's day. He definitely deserves it. I shouldn't be surprised at what a great dad he is because I always knew he would be, but still, he's really got a knack for it. He's so comfortable with Maggie and totally committed to her. He doesn't moan and groan about diaper changes or baths. He's always ready to help and – perhaps more importantly? – always ready to play. Thanks Graham... we love you.

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