Saturday, August 29, 2009

I nearly killed Graham last night. Literally, not figuratively.

As most of you know, he is severely allergic to milk and has been for a long long time. When he asked me to fix him a bowl of cereal after seeing that I was making one for myself, I went into auto-pilot: cereal for me, cereal for Graham, milk for me, milk for Graham. The poor guy, of course, was expecting soy milk and downed nearly half the bowl before setting his spoon down and stating "this isn't soy milk". My heart sank.

What followed was some panic, a very sick Graham, and the ultimate decision to go to the ER when he started having trouble breathing. I can't tell you how awkward it was to relay the scenario to the nurses and doctors. They were all very confused and asked too many questions to get (what I think is a simple story) straight. The funniest part was that they had to confirm over and over that this was NOT intentional and I was reminded of the hospitals practice to flag incidents of domestic abuse. I suppose this should qualify.

Maggie boosted our spirits this morning, though, when she said her very first intentional word: da-da. She may not know what it means but after Graham pointed to himself to say it, Maggie paused, thought for a moment, and out came the most carefully crafted mimic. It was adorable.


  1. Can you say "life insurance"? Humm, gotta wonder. (JK)

  2. Little did Meghan know, my policy expired as soon as I was laid off.