Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad news on the home front... Graham lost his job, yesterday. Sad sad.

We can't say that this was a total shock because his office had already had a round of lay-offs several weeks ago, but it's very surreal to have our life re-arranged in one afternoon. We're trying to stay positive and we're weighing our options, knowing full well that the likelihood of Graham finding a job in Architecture, right now, is very low. The good news is that my office is willing to take me back full-time. The other good news is that Graham would be a fabulous stay-at-home dad. Right now, that's the best we have to work with.

P.S. This photo has very little to do with Graham losing his job but everything to do with how strangely massive Maggie looks.


  1. Graham, you down for a Daddy Daycare for babies and puppies? I have no other suggestions at the moment. Other than that you should use your free time to come visit.

  2. I am definitely planning on getting everything down here together, but I can't imagine that it's likely that I get a job offer anytime soon, since everyone I know who was previously laid off is still looking. So that being said I may be swinging up to Philly for a day sometime soon, that is... if Maggie is welcome as well.