Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We've been trying to introduce Maggie to some "table" foods and transition her away from the super smooth Gerber purees. I got a little crazy last night and didn't realize how absurd her dinner was until I started to clean it up.

On the menu: mashed avocado, wild rice that I ran through a food mill, and Gerber green beans. Despite my ambitious efforts, the green beans were the only thing that she ate with gusto. And she certainly wasn't fooled when I tried to mix the rice directly with it.

The whole baby food thing is very mysterious, to me. I wish I could find a great resource for suitable foods and ideas for mixing. I also wonder about the no-no's. For example, I heard that you should avoid tomatoes and strawberries? And cheese is okay for the first year but cow's milk is not? None of this makes sense to me. Any ideas for us?

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  1. You shouldn't give them cheese until a year which is when you switch to whole milk (not the reduced fat bc it has something in it their little bodies can't break down). You should also avoid all shellfish until atleast 18 months and no honey until atleast a year bc of Botullism. You should ask your ped for information about foods/feeding bc I know mine always gave me info packets at each well baby visit and then also a food info packet as well which I usually followed pretty closely.