Sunday, November 22, 2009

After a long and exhausting work week I decided to devote Saturday to Maggie with no distractions permitted. I've been missing her.

We started our day early, and after breakfast we took a long stroll in our new neighborhood. We saw the geese I mentioned (well the pond, anyway, the geese were hiding) and checked out the mini town center which, as it turns out, has a barber shop, a massage therapist, a print shop, and a tavern. We waved at some neighbors, woof-woofed at some dogs, and then came home and nestled in for a morning nap.

Post-nap brought lunch and our biggest adventure; a walk around our park's nature trail. This turned out to be a great opportunity for Maggie to practice walking and she grabbed onto the back of the stroller to take off. It was so much fun to watch the focus and determination she put into this and the occasional glances up at me to say "hey! Look at me! Impressive, right?" The leaves that her little feet were sifting through also proved to be irresistible and she had to stop every few feet to crouch down, pick up a leaf, and show me how spectacular it was. Such fun.

We rounded out the day by curling up to a movie with dad. We watched Coraline which in retrospect was incredibly frightening and inapropriate for an eleven month old. She didn't seem phased, though, and just sat, wide-eyed, and watched the color and animation, which – if you're familiar with movie – is quite captivating. Thank goodness she couldn't follow the story line. We'll save that for when she's in grade school.

Such a fantastic Saturday. Why can't everyday be so sweet?

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