Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My dad sent a big slew of summer photos the other day and I'm really loving this one. She looks so young!

I'm not having the greatest week so far. Nothing too bad, in particular, but when work stops being fun it makes being away from Maggie so much more difficult. It makes me feel quite useless that I have no idea what she eats for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or that I actually get excited about changing poopy diapers because I so rarely see them. Or that we've lived in this house for two weeks and I still haven't taken her down to see the geese, just steps away at a nearby pond. (Not that she hasn't seen them already with Grandma Susie but I bummed that I haven't taken her myself.)

At least I have bed time. I absolutely love cozying up in a big comfy chair with her, reading quietly, enjoying a bottle, and having her drift off to sleep in my arms. Night after night it just never gets old.

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