Sunday, November 1, 2009

Maggie was a sailor for Halloween, complete with tattoos. (It was a last-minute choice when I couldn't find a decent lamp shade to be the cap for her toothpaste costume.) In the end, she looked pretty darn cute and I was glad she got a chance to wear her dad's romper that his parents had held onto for all these years.


  1. Maggie looks darling in the sailor outfit. Isn't that what Graham wore in the famous posed-with-pumpkin photo?
    Hope Maggie liked Halloween. I was lucky to get to trick-or-treat with the Hattaways. They (and I) had a grand time.
    See you soon, Maggie !!!

  2. I love her tatoos! So classic, and she looks like she belongs in her new boat! I hope you all had a great time with her getting candy, candy! We are looking forward to seeing you in December.

  3. A round gallon ice cream container would work for the top of a toothpaste tube.