Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, we're finally coming up for air and after two weeks this is the only photo I have to share of Maggie. (Can you even find her?)

Between moving, a crazy work schedule, and a visit from Paba and Susie, our world turned into sudden chaos and we're finally sorting it all out; boxes are being unpacked and blogs are being revisited. We even have some fun things to report:

1. A new house. (Yay!) We decide to put our condo up for rent in order to start renting my parent's townhouse. It's so fantastically spacious with more bedrooms than we need, a big finished basement, and a charming enclosed patio. The absolute best part is that I get to have a dedicated sewing room which feels a bit decadent but so exciting, at the same time.

2. New tricks. (Woohoo!) Maggie is suddenly a very quick study and Paba and Grandma Susie taught her to clap her hands for "Patty Cake" and to raise her arms for "how big is Maggie." (So cute.) She also went to the zoo with Nanna and Pop Pop today and came back making monkey noises. This is the third animal in her repertoire which previously consisted of "eeeh eeeh" for cats and "ooohf ooohf" for dogs. Her ability to communicate and engage is really developing, right now. It's so much fun.

3. Employment. (Hallelujah!) I'm very proud to report that Graham starts a new job tomorrow. The people that he's met and the firm, itself, sound really terrific and I'm so glad that he'll get to put his talents to use again. He'll be working three days a week which means that Maggie will not be completely abandoned by her parents and that my mom will have some well deserved time off.

Now if only we could find time to cook again and stop having ramen noodles for every meal... then things would really be good...

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