Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Look at these nice guys, taking Maggie around the Philly Museum of Art! I don't know that she was particularly interested in Duchamp or Brancusi but I'm certain she enjoyed the walk.

We headed up to Philadelphia over the weekend so that we could bid farewell to two of our good friends who are moving to Hong Kong. In fact, they are en route today and I wish them the best with lots of anticipation for their great adventure.

Maggie is changing a lot right now. She is very verbal and seems to get the gist of what you're saying most of the time, whilst babbling her own opinions and matter-of-facts. Tonight, she refused to be spoon fed and decided this was a task she could handle alone. Sure enough, she managed bite after bite (with plenty of misses and spills in between). She really likes to mimic actions and has a can-do attitude about brushing her hair or her teeth and reading books. Ohhh the books... she and Graham read 15 this afternoon. (Fifteen!) Then tonight I read her a few more at bedtime. My favorite was a line from a Toby book where the mama mouse says to her little mouse, "Oh Toby, you make everyday special to me." I know what she means.

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