Saturday, January 16, 2010

We're having a Maggie and Momma day, today. There are some weeks when I feel like I barely get to see her and reserving Saturday becomes a necessity. No chores, no errands, just play.

The weather was warmer today, so we headed over to our park for a bit. There are great trails and I looked forward to practicing her walking and helping her gain some confidence. She's so funny. She has been on her feet for months and traveling along the edges of furniture but the thought of letting go of a hand (or couch, or table) still doesn't sit right with her.

I think the park was a great diversion because after just a short time of holding both of my hands (with me walking behind her) she confidently let me take one away. Soon we were walking side-by-side, holding one hand, and marveling at the dogs and squirrels and passers-by. She's still not free-walking but it was a big accomplishment for her and you could see it written all over her face.

As fun as that was, my favorite part of our outing was watching her observe and seeing her response to little wonders like sticks and pebbles. During our walk, she immediately honed in on acorn caps and insisted on stopping and picking them up. Most of them were tossed back but three were handed to me for keeps.

One for Nanna, one for Pop Pop, and one for Dad.

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  1. Hey guys, love your blog!! Maggie is the cutest! Mind if I steal your "side of bacon" link? :)
    This is going to be a tough act to follow...

    Greetings from Toledo!