Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maggie had her first sleepover last night! Cousin Evey stayed at our place and we couldn't help indulge them in "luxuries". For 2 and 3 year old girls, this translates into Winstead's for dinner (cheeseburgers, fries, and cherry shakes), lots of jumping on the bed, and watching the Care Bears in footie pajamas. It's fun for us to watch Maggie connect with another little girl. Or at least recognize that there's someone out there who likes a lot of the same things that she does. (Strollers, fuzzy blankets, pancakes for breakfast...)

I'm pleasantly surprised how well they get along. This is possibly attributed to Evey being older and wiser and knowing when to give in. We only had one little meltdown when Maggie was borrowing Evey's "Pinkie Pie" (i.e. scary my little pony talking thing) and was not willing to end her turn.

Oddly enough it was Maggie who had trouble at bed time. Perhaps it was the sugar rush of the cherry shake but she was not at all interested in sleeping. And once she did get to sleep, she was not at all interested in staying asleep. In turn, Graham and I only got a few hours last night and we're exhausted today. Small price to pay for big smiles from these two.


  1. Beautiful black and white photo....Girls are precious!

  2. She definitely is a princess. checkout my blog.

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  4. She must have moved really fast for the first pics to be so blurry! Was she hyper? :P