Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Such pride when she straps on that backpack! We're proud of her too. She has been the most amazing little trooper as all normalcy in her life has gone out the window.

Hopefully a new normalcy will take shape soon and we're starting to see small glimmers of it, now that we have beds and clean sheets and dishes in the kitchen cabinets. (No real food yet to put in them, however.)

There are some really wonderful things we're discovering in our little house, too:

1. All the original tile work is still in tact in the bathroom. (yay!) It has been painted over in a peutrid (sp?) mauve but underneath is glossy teal and pink 1920s tile.

2. Radiant heat is actually really really nice.

3. I've finally discovered the key to having a house that smells like an Anthropologie store. Apparently all it took was a candle called Volcano. Who knew?

4. Our furniture fits. All of it.

There are, of course, a million changes we want to make in this house but I'm trying to take-on a new mindset that doesn't equate to "now". Hopefully that doesn't turn too much into "someday" and ultimately "never". I hope to document the changes as we go and one day reveal that tile work that is screaming to be seen again.